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waterfall cardi

so today’s my last day in utah! it’s going to be a bit crazy running around and crossing things off our list before we leave town, but i wanted to let you guys know that right now you can get 20% off asos brand at asos (their own label).

there are so many cute items included in that sale and asos is always free shipping both ways! i love this because i just recently bought a dress that came and didn’t fit quite right. i slapped the pre-prepared label back on the bag and stuck it right in the mail. no hassle. so nice.

i wish i had time to pick through all the cute sale stuff and find my faves but i know you guys will understand that today is too busy for me! i am really loving the waterfall cardigan that i posted above that’s on sale for $39.51 (was $52.68) and will probably order it really quickly for myself before i start my day. even in the summer, it’s nice to have something light to throw on at night, especially where i’m going to be living down by the beach! it always cools off a lot in the evening.

okay, i’m off to finish packing up my house and getting ready to hit the road tomorrow. wish me luck! XO

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