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hi guys! so, i made it down to CA. in one piece (mostly, ha). the road trip that should have taken us 10 hours took about 14, partly because we tried staying with the moving truck that my poor husband had to drive (it was about as long as a semi with his car attached to a trailer on the back), and partly because we were traveling with the world’s wiggliest 1YO. my mom rode with me and we tried “saving” the movie in the car trick for later but as soon as we popped frozen in we realized we should have done that right from the beginning. that movie saved our butts. frozen x3 to the rescue.

anyway, i’m here now! blogging from mcdonalds this morning because we don’t have wifi in our new house yet. we do have all our stuff in and half of it unpacked thanks to (again) my mom and a huge crew of men from our new neighborhood who showed up and unpacked our 26-foot moving truck in under an hour. people are so nice and so good.

well now that i’ve given you the update on our move, here’s what you really came for! sometimes sales can kind of suck because they’re only discounting the end of season stuff or the last few weird sizes of something, but i LOVE a sale like this where you can get anything full price and brand new for almost half off.

right now at GAP you can get 40% off any full-price item with the code DAYS.


there are so many cute items and i wish i could pick out all my faves but since i’m blogging from mcdonalds (!!!) i am a little short on time this morning. but for sure check out their brand new arrivals that you can get 40% off at and especially think about looking at their swim shop if you have little kiddos. i know it’s early in the season but if you wait till summer i promise you’ll regret it! all the cute suits will be gone. happens every year.

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