tommy hilfiger men’s suits 70% off

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the men don’t get a lot of love on mint arrow, not nearly as much as they should! i tend to focus on women and children/baby fashion, but i love it when i find something amazing for the guys! here’s what i stumbled upon this morning:

today only you can get 70% or more off tommy hilfiger men’s suits, blazers and dress pants. there are 20 styles to choose from in several different colors. you can get a $650 men’s suit for $192.99, or dress pants for $43.99 that are normally $150. if you’ve ever shopped for men’s suits you know this is an amazing AMAZING price. i am for sure getting my husband one and i might even get two because this sale is that good. especially for a guy who wears suits to work every day, this is the perfect opportunity to get a couple new suits or pants that won’t break the bank.

you can see all of the suits, pants and blazers that are on sale here. this sale is today only.

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Thank you Corrine! Scored my hubby a grey suit, excited!


yay you’re welcome!


I might be a little bit slow here, but when I clicked on the size it looked to me to be a jacket size only. In the description however it mentions both jacket and pants. Is it the full suit and how do you think the sizing works? Maybe I haven’t bought enough suits so I should know this. Thanks


heather, not at all! someone asked the same question on my instagram this morning, and apparently some designers (like tommy hilfiger) do standard pant sizes that are a bit bigger to match the coat, and then you just take them to get tailored after. we have ordered this way in the past and it’s worked out great on my husband who is a big guy – 6’4″ and 230lbs ๐Ÿ™‚ hope that helps!


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