rosetta stone 45% off

photo via chelsea costa of lovely indeed

i know i’ve mentioned this a time or two, but one of my favorite parts of having this blog is being able to deliver upon request! i love, LOVE when people ask for help on finding the best price on something they really want but aren’t sure they can afford, and then i get to help out. really that’s why i started this whole thing in the first place!

(ps if you ever want to drop me a request, leaving a comment on my facebook wall is the best way!)

last week one of my friends (hi heather!) asked me if i knew of any place to get a deal on rosetta stone. i told her i really didn’t off the top of my head, but i’d keep a look out.

well TODAY is the day to pick up rosetta stone if you have ever wanted it because today only you can get any rosetta stone level 1 for 45% off!

notice that you can toggle between boxed or download at the top of the page, if you’re anxious and want to get started today.

i would LOVE to know if anyone gets this and what language you are planning to learn!

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