last day to get FROZEN for the lowest price guaranteed


so unless you are living under a rock (or if you don’t have kids!) you probably know that frozen comes out today! YAY (or, there goes our sanity, ha!). no really though, i’m pretty excited and i know lots of little kiddos are too.

i posted the secret to getting frozen for the lowest price guaranteed a couple weeks ago, and today is the LAST day to jump on that guarantee. if you order frozen today, you are guaranteed to get it for the lowest price that it drops to by the end of release day (which is today). right now it’s pretty stinkin low, 19.96 for the blu-ray/DVD/digital combo, or or 14.96 for the DVD and it will ship free if your order comes to $35 OR if you have amazon prime. and if you’ve got babies in your house you definitely need to try out amazon mom for 3 months for free! if not, you can still try amazon prime for free for 30 days. you will love it and not know how you lived without it.

need some ideas for what to get to bring your order to $35 in case you’re not a prime member? here are some of my favorite amazon things and my favorite baby things. curious about amazon subscribe and save? here’s where i break that down.

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