$50 kindle sale and why i love mine


who else is a total nerd bookworm? i blame my obsessive love for reading on my grandpa who bribed me every summer as a kid to read instead of watch TV by paying me $100 to complete a huge summer reading goal. i plan to do the same thing to my children and grandchildren. ha.

anyway, i got a kindle from work a couple of years ago as a gift and have loved it WAY more than i ever imagined. it’s so nice when you’re traveling to just carry around one little kindle, or when you’re in the middle of a super intense book and want to bring it with you everywhere you go because you can’t stand to wait to find out what happens!


also, my favorite FAVORITE part of my kindle reader is that i can read it out by the pool in the brightest of sunshine. unlike an ipad or even kindle fire, the kindle reader is literally just like a book in that you can see the screen perfectly in any type of daylight.

the kindle paperwhite is cool too because at night, in the dark, you can read it as well. the kindle reader doesn’t have that capability so if you think you might stay up late in bed while your spouse is sleeping and you’re racing to the end of a book (what? you’ve done it too!) then you should think about getting the kindle paperwhite.


the best news is, ALL of the kindles are $20 off today! that takes the kindle reader down to $50, and the kindle paperwhite down to $99.

need some e-book recommendations? my favorite lately is The Divergent Series Complete Collection. i may or may not have read the entire series in 10 days over christmas break. i loved it way more than the hunger games, and i really liked that series. so, if you’re looking for a fun and totally captivating read, go for that one. ALSO, the movie comes out in a few weeks! so if you’re the type who needs to read the book before the movie (like i am) then get reading!

any questions? let me know in the comments!

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