dyson ball $229



there are some things in life worth having that just make life easier. and i am a firm huge gigantic believer that the dyson is one of those things.

and today only you can get the Dyson DC25 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum, Yellow (Factory Reconditioned) for $229 instead of its retail price, $499. it is factory reconditioned, so if you’re wondering what exactly that means, here’s what dyson says (straight from their website)

This is a machine that has had minimal use, for example, demonstration or display purposes or on the rare occasion when someone has changed their mind and returned their machine to us after slight use. We have a committed team of Dyson engineers who strip, clean, rebuild and test all cleaners thoroughly, restoring them to a nearly new standard. Many of our remanufactured vacuum cleaners have been restored to a standard specification so your choice is made by range features and color. 

 i cannot say enough good things about my dyson. i spent over $400 on mine though, so this is a great way to go if you’re dying to have one but don’t have $400ish to splurge on one!


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Hi! Do you happen to know what the Costco price is right now? Need a new vacuum for the new apartment and I am dying over this deal. But my friend also has a Costco membership so…if it is similarly priced waiting a few days would probably do this body good! If you don’t know, no worries.


hey girl, so sorry i’m just NOW seeing this! i believe costco’s price is around $300, plus tax. so this is a much better deal! 🙂


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