crane drop cool mist humidifier: lowest price ever


there are some items as a parent that you get emotionally attached to because they help your babies out in times of distress and darn it, this crane drop humidifier is one of those! there is nothing sadder than when your baby has that dreaded barky cough from croup, and this humidifier is one thing that truly can provide some relief if/when your baby gets croup. and for us, that was 4 times last winter. yuck.

right now you can get this exact crane drop ultrasonic cool mist humidifierย for $34.00 shipped. that’s the lowest price i’ve ever found it, and 32% off its retail price of $49.99. and trust me, if you wait until your kid is sick you’ll be running to target or walmart that night and you’ll probably pay $50 and wish you would’ve gotten it when it was on sale!

you can read more about my tips on helping babies with croup here, and you can see all of my favorite baby items in my best baby registry list ever post here.

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How do you get it without paying the 9.48 for shipping?


amy i’m so sorry! i should have explained that you can get it with free shipping if you’re a prime member or if your total order comes to $35.


Thank you! I just bought it ๐Ÿ™‚ awesome price!


I so need one!


Thanks for posting! I follow you on IG, saw your post and bought one last night. I can’t wait to get it. The price is now 35 and change so it automatically shipped free without having to add anything else to my cart. Score!


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