kindle fire HD vs iPad mini

you guys. we are going to talk controversy today. it might stir some hearts. it might make people hate me. but it has to be done.

the kindle fire vs the ipad mini.

i feel like i have expertise to talk of both. because i own and use both. lots.

now just to be clear, this isn’t a techy review. this isn’t from someone who’s going to talk nerdy to you about specs of retina or gigahurtz or whatever. this is a review from a real user. a mom who uses her tablet to pin and read and travel with and cook from and browse the net and facebook and all of those things that keep us vitally connected to the interwebs.

my husband bought me the kindle fire HD for christmas 2012 which, by the way, is now $139 on amazon because it’s the older version. and i LOVE it. it functions almost exactly like my ipad mini. we’ll get to that in a minute but, it is fantastic for web browsing, reading, digital magazines, pulling up recipes in the kitchen, pinterest, watching movies (including all those free movies that come with an amazon prime membership!), really just about anything you could ever want or need out of a tablet, IMO.

my ipad mini came with a stay-at-home work gig that i picked up last year. i use it daily for work and it’s super nice, don’t get me wrong. but would i buy it for $100 extra bucks versus the newest and nicest Kindle Fire HDX which, by the way, is ON SALE today for $199?! no. i wouldn’t. the ONLY thing that would seriously sway me to buy the iPad mini would be if i had a ginormous itunes library because that doesn’t convert over to a kindle. so if that’s important and you plan on watching lots of previously purchased itunes movies on a tablet then ipad is most definitely the answer for you. but if you’re into netflix or amazon prime movies there’s no question that kindle fire is just as amazing.

one more thing that does make the kindle fire a little less desirable is if you don’t have an iphone but you really want instagram. you can view instagrams on a kindle fire but you really can’t post your own very easily. the 3rd party apps on the kindle are only really functional for viewing, liking and commenting on content already posted on insta. that said, i use the iPad mini for my work instagram activity for the company i mentioned, and it’s way less convenient than just doing it on an iphone. instagram was made for iphone use, not ipad use. so that’s that as far as i’m concerned.

that sale that i mentioned on the Kindle Fire HDX is TODAY ONLY. so if you’re thinking this could be the perfect valentine’s day gift for someone special, today is a good day to make that happen. the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″ and Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ are part of the today-only sale too.

i hope that helps and if you’ve been thinking you really want a tablet but don’t want to drop $300 on an ipad mini, maybe think about the kindle! i’m so happy with mine.

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E Hayes:

Which app do you use on your kindle for IG? We got the HDX for xmas and I'm finally setting it up now. I was searching last night for the IG app and realized they didn't have one. – basically the timing of this post is perfect 😉

mint arrow:

oh i'm so glad! i used the app instafire when i first got my kindle fire. but i rarely use it now that i know it's just much easier to always use my phone instead – for instagram at least 🙂


Not to mention that Kindle Fire's have a mini HDMI port so you can connect your kindle to any tv with an HDMI cord … genius when on vacation and wanting to watch movies.

mint arrow:

yes, that's an excellent point too! such a nice feature when you're traveling!

Rendy Tucker:

One bonus we find with the ipad is that you can use imessage and facetime. I&#39;m not sure if the kindle has features like that, but we love being able to have our son text us from the ipad if he stays at home while we run out for a bit. <br /><br />Also, I just have to say I love your blog! You&#39;re a girl after my own heart!


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