frozen blu-ray: how to get the lowest price GUARANTEED


let’s just have an honest discussion right now. when this movie hits the shelves, it’s probably going to sell out. right? it was THE biggest disney hit since the lion king (hello 90s) and they’ve even had sing-along showings for crying out loud. it really is super cute in case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t seen it yet. we took my one year old last week (her first movie) and she loved it.

the risk of this movie selling out on release day is high. like the same risk factor as when titanic was released back in my junior high days. you know it’s going to happen. BUT there’s a way to get the best deal possible on the blu-ray/DVD, shipped to your door in time to get it that same day it comes out. let me show you:

right now you can pre-order frozen for $22.96 – that’s half off list price. you’ll see the charge appear the day it ships AND if the price drops between now and then, you’ll automatically get the very lowest price offered between now and then on the day that it ships. in other words, if you place your pre-order today, but it drops to $21 next week, you’ll pay $21 the day it ships. this is a guaranteed way of getting frozen for the very cheapest price.

plus it will ship free if you have an amazon prime account, or if your total order comes to $35. i can’t sing amazon prime’s praises enough. i LIVE for my amazon prime account! free 2-day shipping on all prime items, no minimum order. try it free for 30 days or if you’ve got a baby in the house, try amazon moms free for 3 months. side note: want to hear all about subscribe and save? go to this post.


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Elizabeth carpenter:

You are soooo good!!! I’m so glad I subscribed and look forward to getting your posts in my inbox. This is a GREAT deal and I just pre-ordered AND signed up for Prime. I order way too much from Amazon not to tskd advantage of that. Thanks again! And yes Frozen was the cutest in a long time πŸ™‚


thanks so much elizabeth! i’m so glad this was helpful, and prime will change your life!! πŸ™‚


Just ordered the movie! It will be a perfect present in my girls Easter baskets:)


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