february free printable – serve your love

this year i’ve taken on a new challenge to “simply serve” in one form or another each month. last month we offered a free printable and talked about serving yourself (which turned into a big discussion about really just being nice to yourself). this month, in honor of v-day, we’re focusing on serving the one you love.

alissa from the printed palette created this beautiful free printable for everyone to download this month. you could display this in your home as a reminder to serve your love this month, or even print it as a card to give as a valentine, you could even save it as your iphone screen. it’s a free gift for you to use however you choose.
there’s something extra meaningful about showing the person you love that their happiness is more important to you than your own. being considerate and thoughtful goes a really long way, and sometimes it’s the very smallest things that mean the most. not just the big gifts we buy for one another on eventful days like valentine’s day, but little things like a surprise love note or a text message asking, “what can i do to help you today?” 
i think finding out your partner’s love language goes a long way too. if you haven’t already, i highly recommend reading The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts. if the one you love speaks chinese and you’re speaking french (figuratively), that message of “i love you” might not translate as well as you intended. quality time might mean love to you while a hug (physical touch) might be what your partner needs to feel loved. just read the book, it does a way better job explaining than i do 🙂
i hope you’ll join us in serving your love this month. if you do, hashtag #simplyserve2014 on social media so we can see what you’re doing to serve your love. come back the last thursday of february and i’ll let you know how it went for me.

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