baby jogger city versa – lowest price ever


okay so you guys know i looooooove to nerd out on baby gear! it’s kind of a sick obsession i have. if i could own twenty strollers i would. and this one i’ve had my eyes on forever!

except when i first heard about it, it was $450! now the retail price has dropped a little, to $399. but guess what i found this morning!

the Baby Jogger City Versa Stroller just dropped to its all time lowest price ever, $259.99. i mean i don’t know if that’s going to stick around at that price for long because that is a CRAZY good deal! that’s $140 off, or 35% off.

that price is available in black, red, green, or silver. it will ship free and will be tax free for most people too.

okay so what’s so cool about this stroller? it’s very similar to the city select
because the seat can face forward or backward, like the city select. but it only has the capacity for 1 seat. HOWEVER … this is the part i’m insanely jealous of! this stroller has that patented 1-hand quick fold, like the city mini, city mini GT and city mini double (all of which are ON SALE TOO ps). it’s not quite as lightweight as those strollers, but those don’t have a removable seat where you can truly use this as just a stroller frame when your baby is in a car seat, and then have the reversible seat when they’re older.

if you want to see some cool demos, you can go to baby jogger’s site to see the quick fold and travel system options. all the nice visuals are there. or you can watch this video by jamie, the baby guy, who i am obsessed with! he has the best recommendations on baby gear and also he’s hilarious.

of course, i totally recommend you get the Diono Buggy Buddy Stroller Organizer to go with this (or ANY stroller you buy) because it is the best stroller organizer! on SALE right now for $6.30 and, as my husband loves to say, you can’t beat that with a stick. if you want to see all my favorite baby items that i obsess over and highly recommend, go to my best baby registry list ever post.

if you have any questions let me know! i truly love this stroller and if i didn’t already own almost the exact same thing i’d buy it myself.

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