$20 off at UO


i have a love/hate with urban outfitters. do you? i mean, some of their stuff is SO CUTE. and some of it is like … seriously?

so i kind of feel like you really have to pick through their stuff to find the gems. there are some trends that are making a mad comeback that i can totally get behind. like birkenstocks, high waisted jeans and overalls. yup. but the cutoff shirts? please no! ha.

anyway, today only at urban you can get $20 off any order of $100 or more! so if you wanted to get that BB dakota intarsia stripe open-front cardigan pictured above, you’d save $20. if you’re going to get something anyway, might as well take advantage right!

i seriously love their apartment stuff and use it all throughout my house. i’ve picked some of my faves from women and apartment below, in case you don’t have a few hours to surf through all their merch to find the diamonds.

all images are clickable.


so i’m curious, what do YOU think about birkenstocks, high waisted jeans and overalls?

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I love Birkenstocks I want to get a pair now that my feet aren’t growing anymore. I was in jr high when they were last deemed fashionable and my mom wouldn’t spend the mula because my feet were still growing. But now that I have been the same size for nearly 15 years I think I can splurge!!



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