simply serve 2014 + free printable!

this year i’m taking on a new project! it’s something a little out of the ordinary for my blog but i’m excited for the chance to be involved in something meaningful that anyone can also participate in – blogger, reader, friend, sister – anyone. 

i’ve always loved to write and enjoyed expressing my feelings in that way, but since mint arrow is a blog all about the most fabulous deals on the nicest things, i’ve held back a little on sharing personal stories or thoughts or feelings here. i’ve dabbled a little in sharing pieces of myself in my #mintarrowmeaningfulmondays, a weekly post on my instagram feed about something meaningful, but haven’t crossed over into my blog more than a couple times with my personal life.
this project is something that will push me to serve, to find more meaning in life, to feel that true joy that comes only when you know you’ve done something that makes a meaningful difference to someone else. 
the following bloggers are collaborating with me in simply serve:
i’d love for you to participate too. it’s super easy and here’s how it will go:
1) on the first thursday of each month, we’ll reveal the person you should serve that month. it might be a friend, a family member, or a complete stranger.
2) decide on an act of service you’ll perform for that person and document your thoughts and feelings about it. this can be a blog post or a tweet or an instagram post. you decide.
3) on the last thursday of the month, each blogger participating will post about their experience on their blog.
i’m so excited to watch this unfold and grateful that these bloggers would ask me to be part of something so awesome. we are also all so lucky because the printed palette has agreed to create a beautiful free printable to go along with each month’s simply serve theme.
this month’s person to serve is yourself. i know it can be really difficult to serve yourself, especially if you’re a woman. so many of us burn out because we pressure ourselves to be more perfect, do more, serve more, give more. while obviously it’s wonderful to serve others, it’s important to make sure you’re taking care of yourself, too.
i’m looking forward to finding a little “me” time this month and documenting it, and reading about the other blogger’s experiences. i’d love to see pictures on instagram or read posts if you decide to participate. use the hashtag #simplyserve2014 so we can see your acts of service throughout the year!
take some time to do something nice for yourself this month! you deserve it.



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Avrey &Cody Hendrix:

Thank you!!!! This is so awesome. What an inspiration you are to us. ❤️


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