Plum Street Prints Sale!

i’m so excited to share this sale with you guys! two of my dear friends from college, shannon and lori, started a business a few years ago called plum street prints where they design the most beautiful custom smartphone and tablet cases, and their business has basically exploded! they’ve been spotted on some big-time blogs like atlantic-pacific and caitlin wilson, and have grown tremendously in popularity. i am so proud of their accomplishments and lucky to call them friends!

i just ordered their new casey weigand inspired tough-case in mint and am absolutely in love. i’ve ordered their standard cases in the past but now that i have a one year old who is a master iphone thief, i decided to order a tough case. i love that it’s still incredibly cute while protecting my phone with a double layer of plastic and rubber that absorb shock and protect the phone’s face in the event of otherwise-fatal droppage (which happens a lot to me these days). because let’s be honest, most of the really durable cases out there are just ugly. but this way you get cute and durable. win-win.

if you’re interested in ordering one of their beautiful cases, now’s the time. you can get 25% off any smartphone case with the code 25NEWYEAR. this code is good until monday, jan 13.

they’re also running a huge giveaway right now with some amazing prizes! i would personally love to win this giveaway.

let me know if you have any questions at all about the cases. my plum street prints cases have lasted and lasted for me and i’ve been so thrilled with their quality. i know you will be too!

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Bella Vie:

There are some super cute cases but I get bored so quickly I never put one on my phone haha! Great post!


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