orbit baby g2 stroller 35% off

so i’m here at alt summit (a big blogger conference) making some really fun connections with bloggers and brands. yesterday i had a major “pinch me” moment when i met grace from giggle – an upscale, modern baby store – and she said to me, “so many people have told me here that i need to meet mint arrow!” i mean i almost died of happiness! little me? you want to meet ME?! 

anyway, grace was delightful and funny and after we got to talking about what mint arrow really is, she gave me a huge tip that they are actually selling the orbit baby g2 stroller for 35% off right now. WOWIE. 

i don’t know if you realize this but that means you can get the nearly $1000 retail value baby stroller and car seat & base for $614. that is an unbelievable price.

in fact, that is by far the very best price that i’ve ever seen the orbit. i posted about the orbit back in december when it was at its lowest price ever on amazon, and that was 20% off. so this really is the BEST price it’s ever been.

my sister in law just got this stroller and she and her husband are both completely smitten with it. it’s stylish and luxurious, yes, but it also has some features that are completely unique to its design. the seat can swivel from facing forward or backward to even sideways. HOW COOL IS THAT?! and if you’ve ever wrestled with getting your baby into his or her car seat because they’re rear facing and you’re facing the car sideways (awkward!), the orbit will swivel to the side just for loading the baby in and then lock into rear-facing position for the car seat base. amazing.

the orbit baby g2 collection is all on sale at giggle for 35% off in black or red including the stroller base, car seat, car seat & base, stroller seat, bassinet cradle or color pack accessories. so basically you can get whatever combination you need for the very very best price out there right now.

if you have any questions let me know because if you know me, i’m always up for baby gear convo. if you want to see all my very most favorite baby items, go to my best baby registry list ever post.


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The Childs:

My husband and I are looking at Blendtecs and I know you posted a deal a long while ago so I went and clicked on it and the deal is still good!!! Just wanted to share 🙂 Thanks for everything!

mint arrow:

thanks so much rachel for leaving this comment! this totally inspired me to post about the blendtec again yesterday. you are awesome!!


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