Navy stripe and mint sparkle

this outfit was super fun to put together and is one of my favorite what i wore posts to date! i really love pairing casual denim with something fun like sequins or a pretty, more dressy blaser and some heels! this outfit incorporates all of those favorites into a dressy-casual mixup of goodness.

i also love having my mini-me along for the ride. my regulars know this, but i really truly LOVE freshly picked moccasins. and it’s not just because they are super cute and stylish, that they are. but they are also, for real, the only shoes that stay on little miss anabelle’s feet! in fact, last week i broke out a pair of the most darling tiny toms for a saturday outing. and while they were ultra cute, they kept falling off. and that’s super annoying especially when your kid doesn’t care and will gladly run around without her shoe on! so, if for no other reason, get yourself (or your baby, rather) some freshly picked moccasins. they are, truly, the best baby shoes on the planet. i just feel like every parent of a tiny human needs to know this!
the jeans i picked out for this outfit are sold out now (so sorry!) but i found some that are similar and way less expensive, so that’s a win! also, big huge thanks to hillary from the beauty babbler who literally is the kind of girl who would give you the shirt off her back, because she did for me this time. i showed up for this shoot and forgot my blazer at home so what did she do? she whipped this little navy striped number out and it was even more perfect than what i originally planned. 
blazer: H&M, similar
sequin tank: old navy
denim: nordstrom, similar
shoes: shoedazzle
hair/makeup: beauty babbler
photos: rue rococo
similar looks:

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Bella Vie:

So cute!! I love this post 🙂 Thank you for sharing


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