hunter boots 30% off

you guys know how much i love hunter boots. if you live in a place where it snows six months out of the year (i’m looking at you, utah), or rains a lot, or even if you don’t (ha!) then you might need a pair of hunter boots.

when i lived in london we called them wellies because hey that’s what the english call them too. and is that not the cutest name – wellie? 

well this morning i was fishing for something good and found these brick red hunter boots for $97.99 (orig $140). that’s 30% off and a smokin deal on these super adorable and classic go-with-anything staple boots.

if you’re wondering how they’ll look in real life, like just HOW red are those, i also poked around pinterest and found this adorable post by brit & whit where they’ve styled these red wellies cuter than i ever would have thought of myself! it shows that they’re a pretty bright, cheery red and would look cute with any navy outfit or even a gray or if you’re feeling really daring you could even do the red with a teal. i love this look so much and it’s making me itch to run back to london for a visit.

also i’m going to be trotting around alt summit (a big blogger conference) the next couple of days so if you want to follow along, make sure you’re following me on instagram!

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Bella Vie:

Oh man!! I have been wanting some Hunter boots for a while now!! This is awesome, thank you!!


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