hobo lauren clutch sale!

just before christmas i posted a deal on the hobo lauren clutch and it sold out 5 minutes after i posted it and sooooooo many people were bummed!

so, as promised, i’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for another deal and bingo! i finally found one.

right now you can get the hobo lauren clutch in violet, mustard or mint for $89.99 shipped (reg $128). that radiant orchid color (i’m sure you know!) is the color for 2014. mustard is totally in right now, and you know i’m a sucker for mint. so really, you can’t go wrong.

hobo lauren clutch sale

i’ve had my hobo lauren clutch for years and i am telling you … it i the best wallet of all time! you can carry your phone, lipgloss, keys, a small child (kidding!) and your kitchen sink in this thing. it is amazing and you’ll never need another wallet after you own this one!

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Bella Vie:

This clutch is super cute!


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