what to do when your kids have croup

tis the season (sadly) for croup and sickness with our little kiddos. last night my friend crystal was on facebook asking for tips on how to help her baby who has croup and what type of humidifier she should get her. the resounding advice she received was, get a cool mist humidifier and then, if possible, get that baby out in the freezing cold (bundled up) to breathe the cold air, and then back inside in a steamy shower. the contrast of the cold and hot air really helps open their airways (somehow?). it really works. 

so what is croup? it sounds like a barky cough, kind of like a seal or a really raspy voiced-cough. this is the saddest little picture ever of my little one the first time she had croup. it still makes me so sad to look at it.

we’ve found that a cool mist humidifier can be really helpful too because it helps them breathe while they’re trying to sleep at night. and if you’ve ever had a kid with croup you know that night time is when it’s the worst. you are going to want to get this and have it on hand before your babies get sick! nothing worse than feeling desperate in the middle of the night, wishing you had what your baby needs to feel better.

right now there’s a good deal on the Crane Drop Shape Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier with 2.3 Gallon output per day – White for $38.24 shipped. that’s 24% off normal price. this is the most popular one on amazon.

doctors recommend the cool mist ones because the warm ones can grow mold and burn kids, while the cool mist ones are much safer.

if you think your baby has croup, get them to the doctor right away. they can give you some medicine that should help them breathe right away, if it is croup. 

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