nordstorm half yearly sale picks!

i am doing a happy dance that the nordstrom half yearly sale for women & kids is finally here! this is one of the sales that i anticipate for months. i try to fully take advantage of the amazing discounts on the things that i really love and of which want to buy the highest quality. things like shoes and jeans that i’ll wear for years, over and over, that are more than worth it to spend a little extra on. and the nicer things that i can’t justify buying at full price, but i feel good about getting when they’re on sale!

i went through and picked out my very favorites this morning, and they’re all pictured below for you to see. don’t be surprised when some of these pop up in my outfit posts to come! 

if you’re a nordstrom credit or debit card holder, today is the last day to get double points! so be sure to grab the stuff you want before the end of the day. also, if you don’t have time to get into your local store, you can purchase the things you need and set them up for in-store pickup. i did that this morning with a pair of shoes that i didn’t want to sell out in my size! also, a lot of things may only be available in certain sizes, so if you select the color and size, you can scroll down on the product’s page and see if it’s available in a store near you. if not, you can have it drop-shipped to your door free! thanks nordys. you’re my fave.

my women’s clothing, shoes and accessories picks (all clickable):

and my picks in the kid & baby category (all clickable):

happy half yearly sale shopping!

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