kindles 15% off today only!

any kindle lovers out there? i am in love with mine! i own two actually. is that embarrassing? haha don’t answer that. 

i love them both though! my Kindle Fire HD is just like the ipad mini but i can watch thousands of unlimited movies and TV shows on it for free through my amazon prime membership
(which you can try free for 30 days!)  and it does everything an ipad does. except the cheapest ipad (the mini) is $329, or $299 is the best deal i’ve ever seen on it. but the kindle fire HD is its twin sister and $118 today. i can view recipes on there, use facebook, shop online, all the same stuff as an ipad mini. i know because i have one of those too. man this is turning into a serious confessional! ha.

and the original kindle? i maybe love that even more than my kindle fire HD. it for sure beats out the iPad or iPad mini for reading because you can read it in the brightest sunlight (poolside vaca reading, anyone?). i love love love being able to carry around a million books with me anywhere i go, download new ones (for cheaper than the paper copy!) and switch them out when i’m ready. 

so, if you’re looking for one of these as a holiday gift, today is an awesome day to get one. in celebration of TSA allowing electronic devices to be used during the entire flight, if you use the code ThnksFAA at checkout you will get 15% off your kindle purchase.  that makes the kindle $59 instead of $69, kindle fire HD $118 instead of $139, and and the kindle fire HDX $195 instead of $229.

happy kindle shopping, friends!

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