boon flair $51 off!

you guys. the day has finally come. i have been hunting, searching, waiting for this deal forEVER. and it’s here.

i’ve had so many readers ask me to find a deal on the boon flair, the high chair we own and are completely in love with! so, right now you can get the boon flair in coconut with raspberry pad for $178.77 shipped (reg $229.99). 

this seat is amazing for so many reasons. it has NO cracks or crevices for food and crumbs to hide away in. it has a pneumonic lift (like a barber chair). the tray has a liner that’s dishwasher safe and actually fits into your dishwasher! it’s a little larger than a dinner plate. 

honestly we use this thing SO much that i would not hesitate to buy it again if we for some reason didn’t have one. i mean think about it, meal time 3x a day, 365 days a year. it’s so worth it.

here are some pics of us loving our boon flair! the first is of my baby’s first time eating baby food (avocado), and later on eating finger foods (raspberries), and even getting a pedicure in the flair.

if you don’t love the blue (raspberry) pad, you can easily switch that out for about $30. amazon has blue, green, orange or pink plus a tray liner to match for that price.

let me know if you have any questions! any YAY for anyone who’s been waiting for a deal on this. i haven’t seen this high chair this low since over a year ago, and i have no idea how long it will last.

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