ten dollar tuesdays

today we’re going to kick off something new on the blog: ten dollar tuesdays. i’m going to blog about some products that i’m obsessed with, make my life easier, can’t live without, and they’ll all be $10 or less.

$10 tuesdays


1. Cooper Atkins Oven Thermometer: your oven is probably a liar. mine is. it’s 15 degrees cooler than it says, AND it always beeps “preheated” about 10 minutes before it’s actually warmed up to the heat i asked it to heat to. if you’ve ever wondered whether your oven is on the hot side, or the cool side, YOU NEED THIS! it’s on sale for $5.74 right now and it will change.your.life. stick that sucker in your oven and you’ll be able to tell what the true temperature of your oven is, and then adjust accordingly. plus this is the #1 recommended oven thermometer by cooks illustrated.

2. DCI Magnutz Super Strong Earth Magnets, Set of 6: these little magnets will be a lifesaver when your fridge starts filling up with all those beautiful, heavy cardstock holiday cards. they are the only magnets that will hold up the heaviest of cards (even the folded ones!) and i don’t know how i would survive without them. and they’re $5.63. hello good deal.

3. NYX Slim Eye Liner Pencil 915 Taupe: this is one of the beauty products that maskcara recommended over and over this past weekend at the pinner’s conference i attended, not as an eyeliner but as a lip liner! and it’s $4.25 shipped. ps who’s excited to see the collaboration we did with her new makeup line?! stay tuned, it’s coming.

4. Sweet Simplicity Invisible Solid Antiperspirant Deodorant by Ban, 2.6 Ounce: is it weird to recommend my favorite deodorant? oh well if it is. i read in some beauty magazine like 10 years ago that this was one of the top picks of that year, and i still love it. i even love it more than the expensive “prescription strength” deodorants out there, and hello it’s only $1.99. it smells great and it actually works. i haven’t been able to find it in stores for a while now, but you can get it online still (phew).
hope these little tips help and you treat yourself to something today!



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great picks! love this idea for a series!


Love it, thanks!


I&#39;ve been using Ban deodorant for years too!! I thought I was the only one 🙂 it&#39;s the best out there! <br />XOXO,<br />Paige <br />sanityamongstchaos.wordpress.com

mint arrow:

haha! i&#39;m glad i&#39;m not the only one too! best stuff ever huh? 🙂


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