mint arrow gives away a FREE city mini stroller!

okay friendsies and mint arrowsters … i am SO excited about this giveaway i can hardly stand it!

mint arrow is giving away ONE free city mini stroller, valued at $249.99, provided by this stroller is the little-sister to the city select, the stroller i own, and it is AMAZING. lightweight, has a patented one-hand quick fold, gigantic sun shade, peekaboo window in the sun shade, this stroller is a one-kid cadillac of perfection.

i put a lot of thought into how to run this giveaway, and i know that when i was pregnant i would have died to enter a giveaway like this! one where you could actually win by hard work, creativity, and a competitive edge, not just random luck! so here’s how it’s gonna go:

1. to enter, post a picture on instagram telling me why YOU want to win a free city mini! it needs to be a new photo that you post today or tomorrow, and it needs to include the hashtag #iwantafreecitymini, and you need to tag @mintarrow. if your account is private, please tap on the … icon below your instagram to email me your photo to 

the photo can be of just about anything! you can post a picture of your cute baby who needs a stroller, a photo of your baby bump, a photo of your trashed stroller that desperately needs to be replaced, a photo of your friend or family member who you know needs a new stroller that you’ll gift to them if you win, a photo of something you’ve gotten a deal on from following mint arrow and telling all your friends why you love the blog and it would be your dream come true to win a stroller from me ๐Ÿ˜‰ be creative! this is part 1 of the giveaway and will close at 11:59 p.m. MST on tuesday oct 8.

also … i would love it if you’d take just a second to post a comment on joggermom’s facebook page thanking them for sponsoring the city mini giveaway! this will not count as an official entry (only your instagram post will) but i sure think this is a nice way to thank our amazingly generous sponsor! 

2. the TOP 10 entries will be chosen by mint arrow on wednesday oct. 9 and posted to mint arrow’s instagram and voting will begin! the instagram finalist photo with the MOST LIKES on their photo by friday oct 11 at 11:59 p.m. MST will WIN the city mini stroller! 

the fine print: only the likes on mint arrow’s instagram account will count toward finalist voting. US residents only. the city mini stroller will be provided by in the color of the winner’s choice, based upon in-stock availability. mint arrow reserves the right to disqualify anyone who is cheating (using a computer-generated system to purchase likes). if you’re gonna pay to cheat on a giveaway, why do it? just buy the stroller instead.

this is a personal request, but one that’s important to me. please don’t enter if your intent is to sell the stroller and use the money for something else if you win. i would really love for this stroller to go to someone who will totally appreciate it and love it! of course i can’t enforce this, but i’m hoping people will use the honor system on this one.

so that’s it! let’s all be nice and have FUN! i can’t wait to see your instagrams and i can’t wait to give this stroller away to one awesome reader who really wants it!

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Amazing giveaway!!


Awesome giveaway! I am pregnant and would love to win, but my instagram app is not working on my phone. Bummer! Someone will be very lucky to win this.

mint arrow:

oh sorry to hear that. next time hopefully! ๐Ÿ™‚


Oh man, I would have loved to enter even just a few days ago. But after saving and saving, researching – and then finally learning about the deal on the 'baby sister' (the micro) through your blog and I just bought a stroller. and now I guess I don't really need to win one. And I haven't lived long enough in the country to know someone to 'nominate'/win for – SO bottom

mint arrow:

lina, i know i already replied on IG but, really, bless your heart! i am a huge believer in karma. thanks for playing by the rules and i am already working on putting another awesome giveaway in the near future! PS, so glad to hear you're liking the micro!


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