black and white

i’ve had this chronic problem for, like, ever of just dressing in black and white everywhere i go. i once found out a guy had nicknamed me “black beauty” back in college when he didn’t know my name, and later he said it was because every time he saw me i was in black. oops. i guess it’s just hard for me to not go back to this classic combo over and over. 

so, imagine my excitement when i heard that black and white was “trending” this season. hello, trendsetter right here! ha. 
with this outfit i decided to throw in a little bit of grey. still a neutral but it gives the outfit some variety while still entertaining two trends (b&w and aztec) in those amazing leggings. and i’m bringing the target maternity tank back into another outfit because they are the longest tanks you will ever find! perfect for covering just enough to wear with leggings in the front and back. 
this outfit is one of my faves. just dressed up enough to look put together, but cozy enough to feel like you’re in jams. and those booties? on sale. and so comfy they don’t even feel like heels.
cardigan: nordstrom
tank: target
leggings: nordstrom
photos: rue rococo
hair/makeup: the beauty babbler

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love this look! apparently i used to wear black a lot too, because a couple people teasingly would always ask if i was going to a funeral! 🙂


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