TP for almost free

okay so, i know this isn’t the typical deal i post BUT it’s a really good one so i have to share!

everyone needs this.

right now you can get Scott 1000 Bath Tissue, 1000 Sheet Rolls (20 Rolls) for $12.97. that’s almost 60% off! and it will ship right to your door for free if you’re an Amazon Prime member or if your order comes to $25 total. 

because, as we learned from one of my favorite movies Dan in Real Life … Everyone Poops. (yes that is a real book and yes it’s on sale too).

if you need some suggestions on what to get to make your amazon order come to $25, here are some of my amazon favorites!

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Jane B:

Before you started this blog, you used to post about things you found in shops around town, (furniture, decor items, clothes, food, etc, around SLC area) with #someonegobuythis. Since your blog started I haven't seen many of those old kinds of posts. Is that something you might bring back again? I used to love those!

mint arrow:

Hi Jane! Oh those were fun huh? I have kind of moved away from those just because I have followers from all over the place and I worry about disappointing people who aren't local when they can't find the same deal. But I will try to bring some back from stores like Target or Costco that could be applicable to lots of locations. Thanks so much for leaving a comment! πŸ™‚


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