frye melissa boot 35% off

this past weekend it was raining while i was on my way to the james taylor concert (which was UNREAL amazing by the way!) so i decided to pull out some boots and a scarf! and ever since then, boots have been on my mind. so, this morning, i found you guys some boot deals. on some AMAZING boots. ready?

i have loved the frye melissa button boot for like ever, and right now you can get them in dark brown for $226.99 (reg $348), that’s 35% off! 

i know fryes are not cheap, but that’s just it. they’re not cheaply made either. they are the type of boots that never, ever go out of style and they’ll last you forever. i bought a pair of fryes two seasons ago and i still love them to death. they are beautiful and classic and one of the things in my wardrobe i wear over and over and over.

i’m also completely in love with these melissa trapunto boots that are 34% off at $234.99 (reg $358). 

if those fryes are a little too steep for you (i totally get it, i’m on a budget too!), these DV by dolce vita luanna boots have a similar look and they’re 33% off at $146.90 (reg $219.95).

happy boot shopping, friends!

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