the best wallet EVER on sale

i know you guys have heard me gush about the hobo lauren double frame clutch before and i’ve said it before so i’ll say it again, it is THE BEST WALLET EVER. it’s huge! but not too huge. it will still fit in your bag but somehow magically fit everything else you need in it. you could basically fit a small child in there if you needed to. okay not really but you know what i mean.

it’s now on saleΒ for $73.70 (reg $110) in 3 different colors: pink, tan, and red. bet this comes as a big shocker but i like the pink best!

i own plenty of other wallets, some that are nicer and more expensive even, but i am telling you, this one is my FAVORITE! the functionality of these suckers just cannot be beat.

a couple other deals that are still going: the kate spade secret sale ends tonight, and the city select deal is still good through the end of this month (aug 31)!


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