SECRET kate spade sale, 75% off!

you guys. i LOVE it when this happens!

one of my friends just texted me with an amazing tip! there is a secret kate spade sale going on right now, for 2 days only, where everything is marked WAY down, up to 75% off!

for example, this sew be it stevie bag retails for $318 … it’s $99 at the secret sale! and the diaper bag version that’s normally $398? oh don’t worry, it’s $149 in the sale.

oh wait, and this pink baby stevie bag is on sale too. let’s see … how can i justify another diaper bag? ha!

there are a TON of amazing bags, phone covers, jewelry, shoes, clothes etc. so, you better just come see it all for yourself! thanks jordi for the amazing tip!

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Ashley Afton:

Just got a baby bag for $150, normally $300! Wahoo! Thanks for the tip!

mint arrow:

ashley yay! super excited for you, you're welcome!


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