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so you know how i posted about that fabulous ASOS sale a couple days ago? well when i went to check out, i decided to do a quick sweep (meaning 45 minutes later ha ha) of the dresses on clearance too and found this STEAL of a deal. a super flattering, and perfect for fall, little black dress. i figured i better share it with everyone since it’s practically free at $12.66 (orig $42.19). i mean WOW.

ASOS midi body-conscious dress with polo neck and long sleeves 

of course there are a few others that are on super sale too that i’ve had my eye on forever. i really had to practice some self-control in order to not buy all of them! because one can never have too many LBDs.

like how about this ASOS midi dress in lace. orig $50.63, now $16.88. oh good grief, tempt me why don’t you!

and how about this dress with laser cut sleeves that i’ve loved ever since i spied it on rachel from pink peonies last winter? yep, on sale too. in black, blue or red (shown below). was $50.63, now $20.25. 

here it is in black since this is, after all, a LBD post:

and how perfect is this dorothy perkins LBD that i found on pinterest a few days ago? oh don’t worry, it’s on sale too. $69 (was $79). 

don’t do what i usually do and think “oh i have nothing fancy enough to wear this to” because you know that those holiday parties are going to sneak up on you and you’ll be kicking yourself for not getting one while it was one sale!  PS … everything on this posts ships FREE. 

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