DIY shellac hack

**UPDATE** this shellac hack has been perfected! click here to see the updated post.

a few days ago i came across this pin for a DIY gel manicure hack. it seemed easy enough so i picked up a color i’ve been wanting to try anyway, essie mint candy apple, plus the two other essentials for this hack: sally hansen hard as wraps and sally hansen no chip

grand total for all 3 ingredients = $17.38. you can pick any of these up at target or most drug stores. so you can pick up all the ingredients for your very own shellac hack while you’re grabbing groceries too. 

3 extremely easy steps make up this hack: 1 coat hard as wraps, 2 coats polish, 1 coat no chip. 

my tips to make sure your shellac hack is successful: 

1. make sure every coat is dry before you add the next!

2. let your nails FULLY DRY before you do anything. so that means at least an hour. great excuse to catch up on your DVR.

so obviously this isn’t *really* shellac but it does make for a nice little DIY hack version! those trips to the nail salon can get expensive so i think this is a pretty great alternative.

let me know how this goes if you try it!

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mint arrow:

danielle – did you try the updated version? i have had SUCH better results with the update! please let me know if you try it and what you think! XO


Where do I buy Gelous?


hi kate! if you click over to the updated post, i link right to where you can get gelous! πŸ™‚


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