all-clad saute pan with lid, 3 quart for 55% OFF!

anyone who really loves to cook is going to LOVE this deal! i just found this all-clad stainless steel saute pan with lid in the 3 quart size for 55% off at $101.93! 

this is an AMAZING DEAL. trust me. i have this pan and i am completely in love with it! i use it multiple times a week. oh and don’t worry, i paid the full $224 when i bought mine a couple years ago! i saved up gift cards from my wedding and splurged all on this because i had wanted one so badly for so many years. so TRUST ME when i say this deal doesn’t come around very often! just to be sure, i price checked it at sur la table and sure enough, it’s $224. 

i can’t say enough about how totally worthwhile it is to invest in good cookware. if you take care of your all-clad it will last you FOREVER. like you will be able to hand it down to your grandkids. things cook evenly, you’re less likely to burn stuff, they are just incredible and i am so in love with my all-clad pots and pans. if you’re on the fence, just do it. you won’t regret it.

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