very jane giveaway!

you know when you know about something awesome and you just assume everyone else must know about it too, because it’s SO great? that’s how i’ve always felt about very jane. but this past weekend i was talking to my cousin up at my cabin about my trusty elastic hair ties (that i’m ALWAYS wearing these days!) and i was telling her one of my favorite places to buy them is very jane. this is how the convo went:

me: oh yeah you can get these on very jane all the time. 
kelli: very what?
me: you know … VERY JANE.
kelli: no, i haven’t heard of them
me: WHAAAAAT?!?!!! (gasp and look of horror)

okay just kidding. i wasn’t THAT dramatic about it. only sort of a little.

anyway, i’ve been shopping on there for a couple years now! every day they have several amazing little deals on accessories, apparel, home decor and cute baby items too. they’re especially well known for their designer inspired jewelry. 

and today they happen to have those exact hair ties i was talking about! $3.49 for a pack of 4.

and this ADORABLE fairy tale tutu dress! $26.99 (47% off)

and remember how i mentioned their designer-inspired jewelry? this jcrew-inspired crystal feather necklace is $13.99!

you can shop all of these amazing deals and MORE by clicking here: 

Shop Very Jane today!

SO since i love you all so much, i am going to do a quick little giveaway today of this beautiful little bracelet! 

isn’t it gorgeous? and of course in my favorite, mint! 

all you have to do is go to the mint arrow facebook page and tag a friend in the giveaway post! and you know what, why don’t we give away two?! if you win, your friend does too! so get going, tag away! giveaway ends thursday at noon MST.

good luck! and go getcha some veryjane!

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