the BEST can opener ever

you guys. this morning i was watching the TODAY show (yes, i watch it every morning like i’m 50 or something!) and they had this girl from real simple on and she was talking about all of these great kitchen gadgets. my ears perked right up when she started talking about a $10 can opener that’s supposed to be the BEST can opener ever! hello! i NEED that.

just last week i was making black beans for cafe rio salads for 30 people going up to a church youth camp, and i literally thought my hand might fall off it was cramping so bad from my super crappy can opener! i swore to myself i was gonna get a good one, no matter the cost.

well it doesn’t get any better than $10 for the best can opener ever! it’s the BEST because it takes off the entire top, not just the inside of the can. and then it has a release button so that you can dump the top right into the garbage can. i cannot WAIT to try this! i just ordered mine, and you can too, right here: Zyliss MagiCan Can Opener 

comes in red, green, orange or purple. and this little guy is a prime item so it ships free if you have a prime account or if your order comes to $25 total. if you don’t have amazon prime but you want to try it (free 2-day shipping on any prime item and free streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows!) you can try it FREE for 30 days here: Join Amazon Prime
i’ll be back to report on this can opener. crossing my fingers that it’s as amazing as it sounds! 

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