stokke xplory 40% off

okay so this is an expensive stroller, there’s no question about it. BUT i’ve never seen this one for this cheap ever. and i keep an eye on these things! 

right now you can get the stokke xplory strollerin dark navy (pictured below) here for $659.99 (normally $1,099). i know the photo on the link is a different color but this is what the dark navy will look like!

this stroller has almost all 5-star reviews on amazon and you can watch a video review of it hereit’s one of the nicest and most beautiful strollers on the market and if you have your heart set on this, i can tell you right now you will probably never see one priced this low again! 

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Baby & All:

Corrine, I just found your blog last night and I am OBSESSED. Love all of the deals you post. And I can&#39;t believe the Stokke Xplory is on sale for that price. We already have the Britax B Agile but I am tempted to sell it and buy this bad boy. This is such a cool stroller. <br /><br />Thanks for taking the time to share all of these amazing deals and other content too. πŸ™‚

mint arrow:

thanks so much! i know isn&#39;t that unreal? i am still trying to justify how i could buy this! ha ha. thanks for commenting!


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