knockoff VS bra for $20 shipped

everybody knows where this bra is from when you look at it right? 

wrong! you probably guessed victoria’s secret. well it’s not. it’s from target. and today only you can get one of these bad boys for $20! and it looks JUST like the VS one. not that anyone but you and, um, whoever you choose to look at you in your undies, will see it! but we all know nobody does knockoff as well as target. and for this price it’s for sure worth a shot! but it gets better.

if you buy two you get the second one half off. so that means you can get two bras for $30. are you kidding? that’s still not the price of ONE of these at VS. plus (yes there’s more!) it ships free since it’s the daily deal. comes in nude, black, or white. it’s okay to admit it if i just made your day. happy shopping!

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