farouk CHI ceramic flatiron for $39 – today only

okay you guys this is a HUGE deal! i have never ever EVER seen a chi for this low of a price. i have lived and died by my chi for the past 10 years, ever since i bought mine with some high school graduation money. yes, i remember walking into my local beauty supply store and paying $150 for one of these and feeling so thrilled! i may as well have bought a red sports car i was so excited. i used to say it was my favorite material possession. the type of thing i’d take with me if i could have 3 things on a stranded island. anyway, i’ve since owned two more, and i find they typically last me about 4-5 years. i use mine DAILY for straightening or curling my hair. 

last october my husband bought one for me and thought he was getting a pretty good deal paying $100. well today only you can get one here for $39.99. YES. i know. so cheap! you will never ever see the chi for this inexpensive ever again. i promise. 

UPDATE: this deal is sold out, but you can still get one here
 for $52.95 shipped (still a great deal at 72% off).

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