the best parent console that fits ANY stroller for $6.98

a while back, before mint arrow came about (actually it was in the works at the time!) i posted on my personal instagram that amazon had dropped my favorite stroller parent console to its lowest price ever. well it’s back down to that magic price on amazon! $6.98 for this amazing thing and it fits almost ANY stroller. i have one for my bob and one for my city select. and i’ve taken it off them and used it on my britax b-nimble too and it works like a charm on there as well! with my city select, it fits perfectly even when i have my infant seat clicked in and the stroller straps holding my diaper bag. you can’t see it because the diaper bag is in front of it, but it all fits on there!

if you don’t love the red “diono” logo, you can just turn it so the plain black side is facing outward. the drink holders are insulated so it will help keep your drink cold (or warm), there’s a zipper for keys or loose change, and the middle part is the perfect size for a wallet, your phone, or a target popcorn if you like those like i do 🙂

if you click on the link below and scroll down to the reviews, you’ll see that the very first review shows all of the strollers this little guy will fit on. save your money and skip a $30 parent console that was made for your BOB, baby jogger, uppababy etc. and just get this one! 

amazon’s prices can change at any moment so go grab this NOW if you need one!

Diono Buggy Buddy Stroller Organizer, Black 

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Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this!! Just saved myself $15 AND found a console that looks a lot nicer than the BOB one, too!


yay! you’re so welcome!


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