jcrew factory: one of my favorite shopping secret weapons

one day, back when i was still working as an executive assistant, my co-workers and i stumbled upon this fantastic little secret known as the jcrew online factory. oh what a beautiful thing it is. or a dangerous thing, depending on who you ask! it’s basically like having online access to a jcrew outlet store. beautiful clothes at beautiful prices. and every friday we’d get an email about the newest pieces available on their site and drool over the selection. 

right now this pretty little chambray top is reduced to $39.50 (was $75) and everything on their site is an extra 30% off with the code SPREE. 

they even have crewcuts on the factory site. go check it out! and let me know if you find anything amazing. 

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There bermuda shorts are my most favorite find of the season. Just the right length to be modest and fashionable

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oh i love jcrew's bermuda shorts too! such a staple item!

John Michle:

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