favorite picks from the nordstrom men’s half-yearly sale

we all know men are impossible to shop for. it’s just a fact of life. sometimes the only way i can get my husband to buy new clothes is when a sale like the men’s half-yearly at nordstrom comes around. if it were up to him, he’d just keep on wearing the same clothes he’s owned since high school. 12 years ago. 

i went through the selection and picked out a few of my faves. there are definitely some great deals on super nice stuff! 

for the working man, this is an extremely classic and durable shoe. if he’s gotta get dressed up every single day for work, a good shoe is an absolute must. and $100 off? not bad.

if you grew up, or ever lived, in southern california, you know these are a summer staple. these are the best flip flops ever of all time. they conform to your feet and are super ultra comfortable. 

the most popular running shoe out there right now. normally around $100, you can grab these on sale for $60. no-brainer. available in 5 different colors.

for when summer nights cool off, this hoodie is affordable, versatile, and slim fit. also available in scuba blue for the same price.

1901 slim fit dress shirt, $26.46 (was $39.50)  

this is an awesome deal on some really nice dress shirts that fit perfectly. my husband wears these all the time and loves the slim fit. they come in regular, big, or tall sizes too.

there are tons of great items included in this half-yearly sale. go check them out and let me know if you find anything you love!

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