bearview infant mirror – a must-have baby item!

yesterday i posted this shot of my little one snoozing away in the back seat of my car and one of my followers asked where we got her mirror. (sorry that it’s covered in finger prints!)Β i love interaction with followers and love it when you ask questions and when i can help you find a deal on any specific item!

anyway, the one we use and LOVE is theΒ Bearview Infant Mirror in Panda Bear.Β before we had this, i was always so frustrated not knowing what was wrong if my baby fussed in the car. it’s impossible to see what’s going on back there with a rear-facing baby (which by the way, your baby should rear-face until two!) so you will get a lot of use out of this one little product. here’s an instagram of our little one back when we very first got it.

the mirror is super clear and easy to see her in my rear-view mirror. amazon has 80 reviews on this product, 62 of them are 5-star and 9 are 4-star. i for sure give this product 5 stars! this is one of those things i would immediately replace if we ever lost it. hands down it is one of my favorite baby products! available in monkey, brown puppy, pink puppy, panda or tan bear.Β 

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