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today i’m sharing a deal from one of my FAVORITE etsy shops, and our newest sponsor! little nugget noggins makes the most darling headbands, beanie hats, leggings, and shorts for babies. we have absolutely loved our little nugget noggins accessories and are constantly stopped in public to ask where we got our darling headbands! when it was cold outside, baby girl wore her beanie all over the place. here are some candid iphone pics of her wearing her beloved little nugget noggins pieces over the last 8 months:

8 month picture

out to dinner with daddy

lookin good for a target run

staying warm on a wintry day

gimme some mama. (no i don’t REALLY give her my diet coke).

this morning we went outside and played around on the grass (which she LOVED) while i snapped a few pics of her favorite knot headbands. we love these the most because they are cute and casual enough to go with most of her everyday clothes, AND my dad and husband are actually OKAY with her wearing these. they’re “soft enough” i guess? anytime i have a headband with an elastic on her head and my dad or husband are in the room, they’ll reach right over and yank it off her head. i hear complaints like “it’s giving her a headache” or “it’s a brain squeezer.” oh gosh. but they tolerate these soft knot headbands! win-win. 

becci, the very talented and even more generous maker of all things little nugget noggins, has graciously offered an exclusive coupon code for mint arrow readers to her etsy shop! you can get 20% off ANYTHING in her shop (including her little boy shorts, leggings and beanies!) by using the code mintarrow20 . this coupon code will be good until july 4th. 

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