home decor items: small investment, big huge impact

one of my best-kept secrets and FAVORITE places to shop for super duper cute home accessories is urban outfitters. yes, they’re best known for their hipster clothing, but they sure have some swoon-worthy home decor items. most of them are online-only, which i think is why a lot of people are unaware of their home decor amazingness. one of my favorites is this ruffle laundry bag. i own not one, but TWO of these puppies. one in my master bedroom:

and one in the nursery:

i think these little ruffle laundry bags provide the perfect feminine touch to any girl’s room! people always ask me where i got mine when they see them. they’re normally priced $39 at urban but every once in a while they go on sale for $29 and right now is one of those times!! available in cream (pictured above), gray or teal. so go buy like 7. just kidding, kind of 😉

guess what else. i drafted this post this morning while baby was taking her morning nap and, what do you know, by this afternoon, urban added a whole crapload of new cute sale stuff! so here’s my roundup of favorite sale items:

the waterfall ruffle duvet cover (can you tell i have a thing for ruffles?) and waterfall ruffle shams 

this herringbone rug is on sale for $29.99 in 3×5 or $59.99 in 5×7 (was $44, $89). 

i have been in love with this magical thinking giant dot rug ever since UO came out with it a few months ago. it’s on sale too for $29.99 in 3×5 or $59.99 in 5×7 (was $44, $89).

this cute little plum & bow picnic floral rug is a steal at $22.99 (was $44)

this pretty plum & bow in bloom wall hook is now $14.99 (was $19) and the perfect accessory to hang jewelry or even baby girl bows from! 

we have this one from urban in our nursery. not on sale, but affordably only $29.

this monochromatic floor lamp would make a big statement in a living room or any other room that needs some soft illumination (as opposed to harsh overhead lighting). on sale for $99.99 (was $149).

these are all pretty inexpensive ways to make a big impact in any space in your home! leave me a comment and let me know if you decide to put any of these in your place of residence.

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