baby jogger city select, city versa and city mini on SALE!

this is the type of sale that hardly ever comes along! if you’ve been wanting a baby jogger brand stroller … NOW is the time to get one! baby jogger is notorious for almost *never* going on sale. well, this week only, you can take 15% off the city select, city versa, and the city mini! 

we have the city select and well, wow. obsessed doesn’t even cover it! there are about a bazillion things i love about the city select. it’s been perfect as a travel system; i can click the infant car seat right into the attachment. this is especially helpful when baby girl falls asleep in the car and i don’t want to have to wake her up to get her into the stroller. the basket is HUGE and i mean gigantic in stroller terms! i can do a decent grocery run and fit everything i need down there. the handlebar is adjustable so for a tall person like me, it’s perfect for not kicking the stroller as i walk. the sun shade is huge on the seat, the hand brake is genius, it’s an extremely durable stroller with foam wheels that won’t ever give you a flat. and the thing glides like a cadillac. the very BEST part is though, you can turn it into a double stroller and configure the seats 16 different ways. here is a picture to show you a few examples:

now that i’ve made myself sound like a used car salesman, here’s a picture of my baby girl, happy as a clam, riding along in the BJCS.

obviously i’m beyond happy with this stroller. and let me just repeat myself – this puppy NEVER GOES ON SALE. well, almost never. it’s rare. like maybe once or twice a year if you’re lucky! 

if you aren’t super excited to spend the $$ on a city select, i totally understand. the city mini is AMAZING too. and it’s about half the price. AND it’s on sale also! the city mini does some fab things that the city select doesn’t, like a patented one-hand quick fold, it’s super duper light, and you still get the benefits of a big basket underneath and a super smooth ride. the downsides are: you can’t face the seat toward you, it only faces out, and it doesn’t turn into a double like the city select. but if you only have one kid who’s stroller age, it might be the perfect fit!

the city versa is like the marriage of the city mini and the city select. you can face the seat toward you, or out, it has the one-hand patented quick fold, the only thing it doesn’t have is the capability to turn into a double. trends change though and unless you’re having twins or planning to get pregnant again within a year of your baby, you might want to go with this pick anyway! it’s a bit less $ than the city select and some days i really wish i had that one-hand quick fold!

right now you can get any of these strollers, along with the city mini GT and a couple others, on sale 15% off with the code 15MOM2013. Click here to get the deal and be sure to enter the code at checkout!

sale ends sunday (mother’s day) and every order over $99 ships free.

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The Kyles:

so, in your opinion is this stroller better than a bob??

mint arrow:

I should have clarified on my post, the city select, city versa and city mini really aren't jogging strollers even though they are made by baby jogger! The city elite is though, and that's included in the sale. I will do a post soon on jogging strollers and where to find a deal! I think bob is the best for a jogging stroller πŸ™‚


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