spring some color into your wardrobe

get it? “spring” some color into your wardrobe? ๐Ÿ™‚

i know, i’m so clever.

well anyway. target is having an awesome daily deal today! they have their cute colored denim for buy one, get one 50% off. you can choose from brights or pastels. they’re $22.99 a pair so your total will be $34.48 for two, it ships free since it’s the daily deal, and you’ll save 5% if you have a target red card! 

did you know target has a debit card?! yes. and it is AMAZING. you get an extended return policy (90 days instead of 60), everything ships free from their website, and you save 5% every time. i don’t get a penny for telling you this, i’m just telling you because it’s AWESOME.

okay go buy yourself some peppy colored denim. and then show it off on instagram. and hash tag us #mintarrow because you know you want an excuse to snap another selfie!

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Yay! Bought these pants. Thanks for the tip!!

mint arrow:

so glad this was helpful! thanks tracie!!


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