the BEST shoes to gift this Christmas


An alternate spelling of Christmas gift might be S-H-O-E-S. I happen to think shoes are the perfect Christmas gift because they’re a practical gift, but still a super fun one-unlike other practical gifts, like socks or underwear! Plus everybody wears shoes so they’re basically the ideal gift for everybody on your list.

One of my favorite places to buy shoes is Nordstrom (obviously!) and since they offer FREE shipping and FREE returns, that makes this gift totally fail proof! (more…)

the BEST stocking stuffers that ship free for Christmas

(stockings & garland found here)

We’re in the official countdown of Christmas being FIVE days away and yeah, that means crunch time!!! We’ve worked hard to put together a list of the BEST stocking stuffers for men and women and we’ve got them all rounded up below so you can shop quickly and easily and have everything arrive at your door just in time for a stress-free Christmas Eve.

And the BEST part? They’re all under $35!

35 stocking stuffers under $35, just for you:

Miss Piggy x Kate Spade

I have loved Miss Piggy since I was like 2. Absolutely no joke. She might have been the first fashion icon of my life. She believed in hard work, diamonds, and the love of a good frog. Ummm…me too? Or maybe moi too? Haha! (more…)

Friday FAVORITE sale roundup!

Haaaaaay from San Francisco!!! We had so much fun goofing around the city the last couple days but now we’re sitting in the airport waiting to go home and squeeze our little girls, and in the meantime I wanted to put together this post for you guys that I think might REALLY help those of you who are planning to do some Christmas shopping from your couch tonight while watching a Christmas movie!

There are so many good sales that I couldn’t pick just one or two so I decided to do a roundup of ALL the best ones! I just didn’t want to leave any good sale out of the party. (more…)

Friends and Family discount at Neiman Marcus

This is big. Like really big. Like I feel like I need a megaphone big. Right now Neiman Marcus is having a huge Friends and Family Sale and since you guys are all my friends this sale is for YOU!! A sale like this is super, super rare because it includes tons of brands that are normally excluded. Translation: this is the ONLY way to get deals on designer items on everyone’s Christmas lists. It’s basically a holiday miracle.


Come shop with me!!!

I have a SUPER EXCITING announcement to make for all my San Francisco readers … I’m hosting a day of free personal shopping in SF on Thursday and I want YOU to be there with me!!!


The BEST men’s gifts for Christmas this year


Shopping for a man can feel a little bit like trying to find a needle in a haystack. I often feel like “what the heck am I going to get my ____ (fill in the blank with dad, boyfriend, husband, brother) as a gift this year?” because men are picky, particular, and predictably just buy themselves whatever they want or need! And with Christmas about a week and a half away, with this lifelong dilemma on our hands, if you haven’t figured out what to get your man yet, we’re here to save the day!! (more…)

32 perfect designer gifts for a deal


Can I just admit something nerdy? I LOVE GIFT GUIDES! I love reading them, I love putting them together, and I love finding cute stuff that goes well together for people into neat and tidy, pretty little lists. It’s something I used to do before I had my blog so now that I get to do it for a job I think that’s pretty much the coolest thing since sliced bread.

And today’s gift guides are really unique because they’re totally built from one of my favorite discount sites, Neiman Marcus Last Call! Or sometimes I just call it Last Call for short, since we’re on a nickname basis 😉 (more…)

Six tips for perfect family photos!

gold dress

It’s that time of year again when we start covering our fridges with beautiful family photos and if you’re scratching your head going “how do they do this?” and you feel like taking family photos is kind of like surviving being thrown into a pit of unrestrained wild animals that you’re supposed to dress and ask to stand still, you’re not alone!! I’m going to give you my best tips though for getting beautiful photos of your people you love most.


Hidden Nordstrom sale


I just love it when Nordstrom does their little hidden deals, and I love it when I get to share them with you! Today’s hidden sale at Nordstrom is SO GOOD I almost wanted to make sure I checked out with everything I needed on my Christmas list before I shared it haha! But I’m about to show you all the unadvertised deals they have right now and believe me when I say, they’re SUPER good.


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