Play clothes at perfect prices

One of my favorite parts of “The Sound of Music,” a movie we end up watching almost every Sunday, is the part where Maria takes matters into her own hands and makes play clothes for the Von Trapp children out of curtains.

Kids just need to PLAY! And sometimes I don’t really want my kids playing in super formal clothes. So today I’m showing you some play clothes my kids have been loving lately, at prices that won’t make you flinch if they get covered in a glorious kiddo mess. (more…)

Cutest Easter basket ideas that still ship in time for Easter!

Easter Basket Bunny EarsCan you believe Easter is only a few days away?! I love Easter so much. I love what Easter represents to me, but also that it’s a time for family and traditions. I put my girls Easter basket together and I’m so excited to give these to them! I tried to fill them up with lots of things OTHER than candy! (I mean a little candy can’t hurt right?) And today I’m sharing what I filled our Easter baskets up with, along with some other cute ideas that you can still get last minute!  (more…)

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